Prego Pizza And The Suburbs

I rode my bike today through the most beautiful suburban neighborhood. The weather was perfect, the grass was green and the sky blue with just the right gathering of non-threatening clouds. There was a happy song playing in my ears and I thought, “This is the part where I get hit by a bus,” because that’s just how my mind works. But it was such a perfect, beautiful moment that it didn’t seem real. It was a six mile bike ride though, so the endorphin’s have worn off and now I just want to eat an entire Chipotle, like the building and everything.

Last night I thought I had solved my air mattress problem (play-doh has many uses outside of telling little kids who want to use it not to mix up the colors) but I woke up this morning pleasantly greeted by the concrete earth beneath me. But then I looked across the room at my bike, and I remembered that it’s my day off and that I get to see one of my bestest pals in a few days and I didn’t even care. I’m sure next week when something goes wrong at work and I spill food on my shirt then have to go home to a deflated mattress I’ll be singing a different tune. But for now I’m very happy.

What else…

Oh, I saw this guy on a bike on the way here, except his had a motor in it.. somewhere, and so he just blazed his way up the hill we were both working on and I almost veered into oncoming traffic, distracted by how ridiculous he looked. I called him a cheater but I don’t think he heard me. Oh! And last night I really wanted pizza and there’s a place fairly close to me that’s open till 4 am so I thought, it’s cheap lets give it a try. Mistake. I could’ve made (warning: hyperbole coming in 3.. 2..) 50 lasagnas with the amount of sauce they put on that pizza. Also, I think they inflated the wait time, so that way when they showed up at my door fifteen minutes after I placed my order I would think, “WOW, that was so fast, I’m so impressed! Wow! Here’s a huge tip, you’ve got my business forever!” Yeah, well when you cook your pizza dough in an easy bake oven and toss 15 bottles of Prego on it, we can sort of tell.

I don’t eat pizza much, but lately every time I eat it I’m more and more disappointed by it. Anyway, I wonder if these librarians will mind if I catch a quick nap on one of these couches. Really starting to feel that ride.


2 thoughts on “Prego Pizza And The Suburbs

  1. The play-doh reference tho….so true, what else do we even do with it but use it as the object of many boundaries and restrictions?

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