Level 28 Unlocked

I think I unlocked a new level of adult today.

First, I voluntarily made cabbage soup because, A) it’s good for me and delicious, and B) it’s cheap groceries and filling. I hated cabbage as a kid, as I’m sure most kids do. And now I’m voluntarily making soup out of it?!

Second, I made a huge mess in the kitchen (I also made creamy black bean taquitos) and cleaned up right after I finished. Two years ago, I did not do this. (It helps that I have a roommate, and I’m the kind of person that respects shared spaces unlike a lot of people...)

Third. I had a few bananas sitting around and I hate eating soft bananas so after I had already cleaned up my initial huge mess, I decided I would make banana bread. My aforementioned roommate is vegan, so I thought, I’ll make it vegan so she can have some too if she’d like. And I had all the necessary ingredients and kitchen tools to make this banana bread, including a loaf pan. 

I don’t know who I’ve become, but I’m mesmerized by the process of maturity. It doesn’t hit everyone, (i.e., our current man-child president). But if you had the right ingredients in you, it just kind of slowly comes together. I’m only 28, so I have a whole lot more stuff to learn, more experiences to go through (marriage maybe, kids maybe, first time I slap someone in the face), but it’s really weird to look back on who I was in elementary school, high school, college and now.

I mean, I am cooking and mildly enjoying it! That’s crazy to me. My dad used to have to force me to even watch him cook. Here’s hoping I get better and not worse!

Anyway, just a random update on how I’m progressing as a conscious fleshbag. Have you ever thought about that? How insane conciousness is? How what we’re made of becomes sentient and we can have memories, feel pain, inflict pain, the range of our emotional capabilities?

That was a hard left. Have a nice day!


A Short, Mid-Week Rant

OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT? I’ve had enough.

Here’s the narrative.

Live life to the fullest! Do what makes you happy! Eat, drink and be merry! Embrace all that life has to offer!

But it seems to me that even when you’re doing exactly that, people have something to say about the right way to live at your most happy.

“What?! You don’t eat meat? Why are you even alive? Why don’t you just jump off a roof now? What kind of shriveled soul doesn’t find pleasure in feasting on the carcasses of once-upon-a-living creatures?”

“WHAT?! You don’t watch Game of House of Tables?! Do you even love yourself?!”

“You haven’t been to THE CAVE OF WONDERS?! Here, just, jab out your eyes now because nothing you see from here on out matters you dreary peasant.”

I know people mean well, I know they want to spread the love because when you’re excited about something you want everyone else to be excited about it. But honestly guys, we all need to relax. At some point, we should actually live and let live. Making people feel like they’re stupid or boring or spoonfuls of unseasoned potato salad because they’re not living the lives that we think are most interesting? Stop doing that. Be the fascinating individual that you are, live in your space. And if someone is seeking your particular brand of adventure, they’ll come knockin.

And honestly, if I hear one more person’s jaw grind against the floor because I tell them I don’t eat meat, I will actually lose it.

Okay. Night! Day! Bye!