Crawling To Pay Day

There comes a time at the end of every paycheck when I start to wonder … ‘What’s it all for?’

How can America sustain itself on its current way of life? Borrowing to pay back to borrow to pay back to borrow?

For example : I just used my credit card to purchase an ink cartridge for my printer (which I rarely use) so I could print out a form to mail to the IRS to say that I am too poor to pay a fee for an installment payment plan I signed up for because I’m too poor to pay back the taxes I owe all at once.

Why? This capitalistic society only benefits a small group of people, and yet the wheel keeps turning, crushing the poor under it’s weight. I’m blessed enough to have a job that helps me pay for my bare necessities, but not much else. I owe, and owe, and owe some more. To what end? At the rate I’m paying back my student loans, I’ll be debt free just as my sad and hollow bones lay on my death bed and my raisin lungs take their final breath.

I know this is something that everyone deals with. Even people are I perceive to be wealthy are just making it enough to maintain. We’re all one disease or lay-off from selling all our stuff and taking up prime overpass real estate. At least I have parents I can count on if everything folds for me (right.. guys..?).

Alright, that’s enough of these sad musings. I just need payday to get here so I don’t quite feel like I’m drowning. Post pay day is always the best because you give everyone what you owe them, and then you treat yourself to a convenience store ice cream sandwich to celebrate another week you staved off homelessness.

Or maybe that’s just me.


3 thoughts on “Crawling To Pay Day

  1. Did you really have to print it out? I’m pretty sure you can do most tax related forms online through the IRS or some other tax service these days. That would have saved you a little money.

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