Probably Don’t Read This: Ramblings of a Traveler

I’m at the airport and got hoodwinked into paying for 24 hour access to wifi. I’ve been here for about 3 hours and I still have two hours before my flight leaves so maybe it wasn’t a complete waste of money. But it seems to me that making people pay for internet access in the airport and also charging them $15 for water is criminal. But, Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States and apparently Russia helped to manipulate our election results so I mean… paying for wifi in the airport ain’t that far fetched.

Have you ever considered how weird it is to be alive? How strange sentience is? We’re just tissue and muscle and blood and other.. stuff, and yet we feel and experience things that seem to be the be all end all of our existence. And we feel them so strongly that we forget how ridiculous it is to exist in the first place. Pain feels so real.. but all it is is nerves and biological reactions. Happiness can make you feel like you’ll never die. But death is always right there. We are alive.. and yet within moments everything we remember, everything we feel, everything we’ve experienced can be gone. And once you are gone, the you that was here is gone forever. Even if you go to heaven, or whatever other after life you may believe in, or not believe in, whatever happens to you after you stop existing here, that is the last time that version of you will ever exist.

What am I talking about? I think they put something in these Whataburger fries I just ate. I’ve been living in Texas for about 8 months now and I just had Whataburger for the first time. There’s really no reason for me to go to Whataburger, and some might say that I didn’t really experience Whataburger, not really, since the only thing I can have there are their fries, or some kind of pastry. And what people really rave about is their burgers, which I will never have. But their fry game is weak, I gotta say. If you’re going to eat fries just go to McDonalds. Don’t fight the inevitable. I haven’t eaten at every place that serves fries, but so far in my 27 years, no place has come close to the factory made deliciousness of the hot out of the oil pan McDonalds fry.

Okay that’s enough. Have a good weekend guys. The world is falling into madness, Donald Trump is electing every corrupt Caucasian million/billionaire he can find into his cabinet, children and innocent men and women are being shot in the streets in war torn countries. If you’re blessed enough to have something enjoyable to do this weekend, if you’ve still got the luxury of Netflix, or close proximity to good food and friends, enjoy it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.



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