Lemonade is a drink, Piers Morgan is a jerk

Hellooooo from the swamplands of Austin, TX where you can eat the humidity like a pie. In April.

Two weeks into this move, and I am continually grateful and happy that I came here. I’m not a socialite yet, but I see so much potential, both in myself and the city I now dwell in.

For the past … 7? years? that I’ve had my driver’s license (yes I got it late, move on. I also don’t plan on getting married till I’m at least bed pan age). Anyway, all of my driving life has been smaller cities and/or townships, so by about 8 or 9 o’clock, the only things on the roads are crickets. So I continue to be surprised by how many people are out and about when I get off work around midnight. What are you Austintonians doing at these hours? Haha, what a naive question. I know they’re making late night runs to Walmart for Ben & Jerry’s. I’m not an idiot. (she said sarcastically.)

To me, lemonade is still only a sweetened beverage primarily consumed during warmer months. Speaking of..

Piers Morgan. I wanna say first that I know it’s kind of redundant to comment on someone else’s commentary, especially someone as pointless as Piers Morgan. But, this is a blog, so, whatever. 

Anyway, supreme jerk Piers Morgan wrote an article (read at your own peril here) about how he preferred “the old Beyonce” when she wasn’t so politically charged and spouting her opinion everywhere. In summary, good old caucasian male, self-proclaimed “journalist” Piers Morgan said that he preferred it when Beyonce was just singing about having sex or being heartbroken. Because entertainers shouldn’t have opinions on the world around them. Their primary function is coming up with clever ways to say “I am sad” or “I had sex last night, it was satisfactory”, “or “please don’t leave me, what if no one ever loves me again.”

That reminds me of this article I read once by an editor I used to work with. The basic summary of his article was ‘why is everybody disrespecting white men? What’s the deal? We deserve some respect to.’ Suffice to say, any respect I did have for him was wiped out after I read that. This may sound kind of awful, but I think it’s a great time for white men to take some bashing. They’ve basically dominated everything in this country from its inception, and they also traversed the world ruining other countries and wiping out entire indigenous populations. It’s pretty great that people are at least starting to be on a level playing field. I’M NOT SAYING that all white males are raping, pillaging monsters. Just like not all black men are thugs, not all asians are mathematicians, not all… you know, you get my point. Anyway, I think a lot of humasn have taken a pretty positive step forward in the idea of how people should be treated, and that no color (or gender) is better than another. Sure, we’re not perfect, but, being as deeply flawed as we are, we’re not doing so bad.

Finally the weekend, time for some sweet, blessed sleep.



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