Thoughts! Thoughts! Exhaustion.

I think I’ve moved past the barf-o-guts-o phase of getting ready to move. I have now found myself in a state of calm that will hopefully stay with me for the next several days.

It’s my last night in my first apartment! Change is in the air and it smells like cleaning supplies and kitty litter. I started out with this grand idea that I was going to make this apartment look brand new so that I could definitely absolutely get all of my security deposit back. I have since strayed quite far from this plan and settled on, ‘yeah that’s probably good enough.’

Not to say the place is destroyed, I think it looks just fine. But there were some mix ups with paint colors (in case you didn’t know, there are 70 trillion variations to the color WHITE) and a shoddy spackling attempt, I can say with confidence that I did my best.

My cat did some minor carpet damage, but since this carpet was constructed and laid by blind, one handed monkeys, I don’t see how they would throw up much fuss about it. Otherwise, I think my dad would be proud. (I gage all my attempts at cleanliness by whether my dad would smile or start digging his own grave.)

Anyway. I went into a bit of a panic tonight at work, because it suddenly hit me that I’m moving to Texas and that I hadn’t really mentally prepared for just how labor intensive a cross-country move would be, especially when attempting this feat by yourself while still working full time. Props to my parents, who managed to do this about 6 times with children and ten times the material possessions. My solution was to sell all of my large pieces of furniture and give away almost everything else. I wish I could say this is me transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle, but my only real thought was ‘do I feel like putting this in my car? Naw, let’s see if someone will buy it.’ (Everything I wanted to sell was sold, praise and amen.)

It’s late and I’m very tired and I still have lots to do before my sojourn through middle America. But, here we are. I’m moving again. My second solo, out of state move since graduating from college. I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it a dozen more times throughout my life: I’m never moving again. 

Till next time!


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