Up And At ‘Em… Again!

Hello out there.


I’m moving to Texas.

Almost a year after my first big move all by my lonesome, I’m making another solo move. Except this time I will have a sedated cat (I’m considering purchasing an elephant dart gun for my trip. That way not only will she be out for the long drive, but also, quite possibly, a good year after). JK don’t come after me PETA. Because I know you guys read this blog.

Anyway, I am once again moving to a place I never thought I would live. I did, at one point in my life, live in TX, but it was a very long time ago. My memories mostly consist of me picking berries so my dad could make cobbler, playing in the front yard, swinging on a swing my grandma made, and calling the police on said grandma when she didn’t do what I wanted. (Yes, this happened. Burned into my memory forever.)

So, my point is my memories of TX are picturesque and probably really inaccurate to it’s current state. Also Texas itself is so large and largely stereotyped that I’m both excited and fearful about what’s to come. I will be living in a democratic pocket of a mostly red state, so that’s an incredibly upsetting thing to consider, especially as we charge full speed ahead to a possible Donald Trump presidency. If Donald wins, will I have to help build the wall between us and Mexico? I’ll keep you guys posted on that once things get moving. I’m pretty far away from the border, but I can make a trip to do some investigating for the purposes of this blog. I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

ANYWAY. So much to consider, so much to do. I’ve sold a majority of my furniture, except I refuse to part with my desk chair, IKEA coffee table and TV. I will find a way to squeeze those into my car. So, if praying is something you do, mention me because I surely do need it.

Stay tuned for more wacky adventures, and (probably 99.9%) anxiety riddled rants about how everything costs too much money.

Yay for states with no income tax!

Till next time ya’ll (practicing my twang). I reckon… nevermind. Bye.


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