Well, well, weeeeeeelll.

So much happening in the life of little old me. All shall be revealed in time, but one thing I can say is that I


got a new car. (Well, new to me).

For anyone who has ever experienced my previous vehicle, to say it was about time is an understatement. I believe that engine could’ve ran for a few more years, but the body was plain tuckered out. Towards the end, the exhaust was literally dragging on the ground. I’m pretty sure the airbags were out of commission and the heat/AC fan only blew at the highest level.

That car taught me a lot. Patience, mostly. Actually, that was the sole lesson. Patience and I guess, contentment. I don’t need a Rolls Royce or whatever the cool kids are driving these days. I just need a point A point B ride that’s reliable. Thankfully, God was looking out for me and I was able to purchase a pretty great point A point B ride. It ain’t an Audi, but it drives and doesn’t alert the town upon my arrival.

I’ve also been selling a bunch of my stuff, and it’s made me realize that in my short time of being on my own, I’ve accumulated far too much garbage. I think I want to ‘start over’ every couple of years because I don’t want to end up with a garage full of junk I could’ve given away that my family members have to weed through upon my death.

Anywho, short update. Till next time . . . vote Trump!

Haha. JK. We have to joke about this to keep the darkness from swallowing us whole.




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