Been A While Since I Said Stuff

Well guys, it’s March 2016 and look where we are. Months away from a Donald Trump Presidency.

I probably shouldn’t speak that into existence, but, I don’t trust America enough at this point to make a wise decision come November, so I’m going to set myself up for a let down. That way, if by chance the masses come through and say, hey, we can’t let this happen, I will be filled with everlasting joy.

You know, I remember years and years ago when The Apprentice first came on TV. Me and my family watched it regularly. It was, in its infancy, a great show. It felt serious, with real business men and women going after a real job with real qualifications. However, even back then, Donald Trump seemed a bit odd. But even with his sweet potato complexion, he managed to make that show not a complete joke.

Fast forward many years later, here we have Celebrity Apprentice. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve seen Donald Trump go from being a fairly elusive, albeit odd creature, to a pouty, idiotic caracass. When he announced his presidency many months ago, I laughed. I laughed the carefree laugh of a person of privilege, a person of naivete. Because I thought, there is no way this country will allow this farce to continue. After the controversy where he basically said all Mexicans were rapists, I thought, surely, he will drop out. Surely he cannot think he could go further with this charade. But I was wrong. So very wrong.

I haven’t been alive for, or at least aware of, many elections. I think this is only the 3rd election that I’ve actually known what is happening and who is running. The last election I can actually recall with clarity is when Bush “beat” Al Gore in his first run for president. I remember there being a lot of outrage, I remember a lot of people trashing Florida. (That hasn’t changed much).

Have elections always been this much of a petty circus?

It seems like the American system is broken. We complain, we whine and we refuse to compromise. How can any President bring any real, dynamic change when the people being governed are constantly at each other’s throats? We want to ‘make America great again’ but what does that even mean? What do they mean by ‘again’? Is there a point in America’s history where we were, in every respect, great? The way I see it, even being the petty, bickering people we are, now is the best time for America. We have equality, and even if there are still things to work on, there are those willing to advocate for the voiceless. We don’t brush things like domestic abuse under the rug anymore. We’re working through our dark past, we’re struggling through racial tension, being made aware of our mistakes and at least attempting to fix them. So is there an old America that people want to revert back to? Because I don’t think there is anything constructive about going backwards.

ANYWAY, went off on a bit of a tangent there. Haven’t blogged in a while. It’s been an… interesting couple of days. I’m sure I’ll have something worthwhile to say pretty soon… 🙂



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