I Wanna Be Simba

HELLOOO internet!

I envy people who just know what they were born to do and therefore put their whole being into that thing. Whether it’s being a doctor, singer, entertainer, lawyer, librarian. Whatever. They can say they’ve always known. They started organizing books by the dewey decimal system when they were three. That has to be such a great feeling, just knowing what you’re called to do.

I wish I was Simba, before he went to the elephant graveyard. I think that’s when his worldview changed. I wanna be ignorant Simba, the one that was promised everything that the light touches.

Post college questions I wasn’t prepared to answer:

  • Are you going back to school? What will you study if you do?
  • Why aren’t you married yet? Don’t you wanna be married? Just get married already!
  • Are your current financial decisions positively or negatively affecting your future?
  • Is it worth it to get your cat neutered? Why did you get a cat?
  • Should you be actively pursuing other professional things during your time off work? If you don’t, are you wasting away your potential?
  • Do you need a car? Or can you survive without one? What’s too high of a car payment? Should you take on a car payment when you have other debts to worry about?
  • Why is your sister calling at 1 am? Oh god, has something happened? You’re independent, but you still need family!
  • Why did you take a job so far away from family? What were you thinking?
  • How does one build a support/social system out of scratch? Should one even bother?
  • Will everything quiet down eventually? Will all my thoughts join together into one, cohesive plan? Am I thinking too much?!



Have a great day guys!


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