Dusting of 2015

Time flies.. when you’re typing sentences about the passage of time.

Hello internet. It would seem that we are but a few days from the end of another year. This has been the first year I can truly say, wow, what a year. So many firsts, so many life lessons learned, so many sad things, so many good things.

Since the internet likes lists, I’m going to list 2,015 things I learned in 2015.

Just kidding that’s ridiculous.

But here are some things.

  1. Do it. Just, do it. Nike wasn’t kidding. I’m still learning this lesson, still forcing myself to understand the concept of ‘just doing it.’ I’m the kind of person that likes to think something into a bloody pulp, and then while that thing is lying there, gasping for breath, deformed and afraid, I watch it squirm around, refusing to put it out of its misery until I am convicted to do that thing. I believe they call it seizing the moment. I’m trying to be more of a ‘Yes (wo)man’ and while I have a ways to go, I hope 2016 will give me more opportunities to flex this new muscle.
  2. Being happy is not a default setting (for me anyway). If I do not make the effort to find reasons to be happy, to seek out happiness, my cruise control is set at dismal. That sounds terrible, and while I’ve never considered myself a pessimist, I am in a way. I try not to crap on other people’s dreams, but when it comes to me, myself and I, I am my own worst enemy. So, here’s to being intentionally joyful.
  3. Questions are okay. I’ve been asking a lot of questions this year, especially about God and my church. I’ve seen and heard some things that’s got me thinking, ‘something isn’t right here.’ But instead of quitting, I’m trying to understand, to believe, to trust, and to not be bitter. And I’m no quitter. (RHYME)
  4. The right people are worth the effort! We should be kind to everyone, we should be willing to give of ourselves for the betterment of mankind. But, when it comes to friendships, life is too small to pick the wrong ones. I think I’ve picked the right ones, and I hope 2016 lets me see them all, and make some more!
  5. Life is about being happy. A friend told me this once and I disagreed with her. But now I realize that she was right. Life is about finding happiness. Christians I think object to this more than anyone. They will say, well no it’s about worshipping God, glorifying Him. Okay, but doesn’t one’s belief system bring them joy? I always heard people in church say happiness is temporary, but joy is everlasting. That even when you’re sad you can be joyful. I think those terms are synonymous. Joy, happiness, glee, whatever you want to call it, it’s the feeling you get when you realize everything is going to be okay. It’s something you can hold on to. Even when you’re sad or depressed or angry, you can seek out that thing that brings you happiness. Whether it’s Jesus, your best friend, your spouse, your pet, exercise, food, whatever. The world is dismal, and we are all seeking a reason to keep existing in it. So we find that thing, and we hold on to it because it gives us a purpose. And purpose makes you happy/joyful. Whether it’s temporary or long-lasting.

Anyway, 5 is enough, and this has gone on forever. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. If you do not celebrate Christmas, then I hope you had a wonderful day and that in some way you let that Christmas spirit temporarily infect you and that you didn’t ruin everyone else’s day. I hope that everyone can brush off the dust of this year and head into 2016 expecting all the wonderful, tragic, blessed, craziness that is the human experience. Till next time!


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