Racists Statements About Cats And Other Things

Hello there Earthlings.

This is rested, zen Janelle coming to you from my apartment that smells like spiced pumpkin pie. Mood lighting on fleek, the compositions of James Horner filling the living space. I am at peace.

How are you all? Everybody coming down from an Adele filled Friday? I was unsure whether or not the western world would’ve survived today’s Adele mania, but it would seem we are okay. Until November 20th that is, when she unleashes an entire album upon us and we all, literally, figuratively, and collectively die because we cannot begin to even.

I’m not being sarcastic guys.

With Adele back in the spotlight, Taylor Swift can absolutely (and maybe permanently) take that break she’s been promising. We can all pretend like Selena Gomez’s music doesn’t exist (because does it, really? Or is it just a collaboration of all of our musical nightmares, and we have not woken up? Good For You can’t actually be real).

Anyway, Adele your musical gifts are appreciated.


There’s a black cat outside of my apartment building that’s been there for a few days now. She looks exactly like my cat, but bigger (because all black cats look the same, a stereotype cats cannot be bothered to fight against). I’m starting to think that maybe she is my cats mother, and she’s come to reclaim her child. Do black cats only birth more black cats? I really don’t know how that system works.


Have a peaceful weekend worshipping, meditating, eating, singing, dancing, drawing, punching, or whatever it is that you do to bring light into your dismal existence.


No but seriously, have a good weekend. 🙂


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