Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling! Just Kidding.

Hellooo there.

I’m starting this blog with no specific subject in mind. I just need to write, and I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I’d at least say some words. Let’s browse Twitter’s trending topics and see if I can come up with something to talk about today.

Oh! What do you know, there is water on Mars probably? And apparently this means NASA is closer to proving/finding that there is ‘alien life’ on Mars.

Here’s my issue. So what? I mean, cool, that’s… really awesome I guess that there is water on Mars. But what does that mean? For us on this planet that we are currently destroying? Is the whole purpose of science exploration so that we can find a backup planet after we kill this one? Or is it curiosity? It’s good to know things but at what point does knowledge become frivolous? Isn’t knowing there is water on Mars kind of like knowing Ryan Gosling’s birthday (which I don’t know so chill)? Like, I know it but now what? Where do we go from here?

Can’t the money we use for exploring our galaxy be used to, I don’t know, help end world hunger or rebuild war torn countries or, at the very least, fix all the pot holes? I know that’s something everyone says, and I know a lot of people grumble “oh shut up tree hugger. Science is cool!” But, I’m just wondering.

My secret hope is that they will discover life on Mars. And that life will write them a letter to send back to Earth and the letter will say, “If you don’t leave us alone and stop throwing your space junk onto our lands, we will destroy you.” And then, NASA will start working on building a real Optimus Prime to defend us and this fantasy Hollywood has conjured about wars with other planets will become a reality and everyone’s heads will explode with the wonder of it all and then we can all just go back to living our lives after we’ve confirmed that yes, other things exist outside of us.

In other, non-galactic news, I have achieved another level of cat lady-dom. In an effort to shatter my cats world view and introduce her to ‘cat culture’, I gave her a window seat. I don’t have ledges for her to sit on, but I wanted her to know that outside exists, and that she’s not the only creature in her world. So I put a chair in front of the back door (which has a window), planted her on it and walked away. It took a few times, but now she has fixated on the outside world and it is beautiful. She still gets distracted by moving things, seeing as she’s still young enough to find things interesting, but that’s too be expected. I wouldn’t want her to be a jaded.. yet. Excuse me I have to go. She just tried to jump on my legs and I’m wearing a very thin fabric and her claws bore holes into my flesh.

Time for a nail clipping!

By the way, say no to declawing.



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