My Cat Is Inspired By Kim Davis

If sharing an apartment with a kitten is anything like sharing a house/apartment/life with a baby, I want nothing to do with babies.


After an exhaustively long shift at work, and not going to sleep until 3 am, I thought, oh good, I’ll sleep in a while, catch up on some z’s. But this monster with four legs and a cute kitty face decided, no I’ll meow outside Janelle’s door as loudly as I possibly can to get her attention. So I went out, put food in her bowl (though it took all my efforts not to just toss it on the kitchen floor and yell, “now leave me alone!”). Yeah, so about three seconds later, I hear meow meow I hate you and I want to make sure you never get a proper nights sleep again humans suck and I am the dark one. 

So I open my door so she can come in. And of course, she promptly jumps on my bed and starts walking all over me, putting her cold nose against my eyes, playing with noisy things. I try to ignore it. And I do. And eventually she falls asleep, on my bed of course. But I’m a very active sleeper in that I drastically change positions often, so of course when I move, whatever awkward place she’s decided to fall asleep in is disturbed, and she meows as if I’m in her way. 

I love this weirdo, but I also love sleep. Life is a mystery.

I would like to talk about Kim Davis for just one second. I don’t believe what she did was right, i don’t believe she is making any kind of heroic stand against anything. What she is is another hateful ‘Christian’ using God and the bible as a way to play the victim and treat people any kind of way.

Now if she was at church, or giving a bible study in the library, or praying with someone in the park, and she was asked to stop or arrested and imprisoned, that would be wrong. That would be her being persecuted for her religious beliefs. For example, if I was fired from my job for refusing to work on the Sabbath, and I’d made it clear before I was hired that working on that day was not an option, that would be persecution for my religious beliefs. That sort of thing is an offense that could warrant an uproar.

However, staying at your government job after the government you work for changed or updated their laws and then refusing to abide by those changes because you do not agree with them? And then allowing yourself to be imprisoned for it? That’s not persecution. That’s you being an idiot. If they had told her, “We need you to sign this legal document saying you believe gays should be allowed to marry” that’d be one thing. If they forced her to participate in a sexual act with a gay person, that’d be something else. But all they wanted her to do was her job. If she didn’t agree with the supreme court ruling when it was handed down, and if she so firmly believed in her principals she agreed to be jailed for them, she should’ve quit.

Christians so eagerly want to prove their Christianity by refusing to participate or adhere to “secular rules.” We want to be victims so bad because somehow victimization is a badge of Christian honor. But I don’t think talking down to people whose lives or choices you don’t agree with makes you the apple of God’s eye. There’s a proudness and a superiority that comes with believing you’re in the right, and that’s something Jesus actually talked quite a bit about in the bible. But I guess we ignore those parts and go straight for the “Is it okay to be gay?”

Anyway I could go on and that was more than a second, but I should do stuff now. Stay cool, stay dry, stay alive.


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