Donald Trump and Cats Without Souls

I think our culture of mockery has ruined all things that should/would otherwise be taken seriously. As someone who enjoys the art of poking fun (mostly at bad movies) I understand how much fun it is, and how funny it can be to see stupidity unfold before us. If Donald Trump were running for class president of a high school, this would all be hilarious Promises of pizza and no more homework, stuff the students can cheer for but know in their sad souls will never come to fruition. That’s all chuckles and giggles, for sure.

But I’m feeling like the race for president has kind of become this big circus act, a revolving door of clowns, and Donald Trump is leading the parade. Instead of the mainstream media ignoring him, like we all should be doing at this point, and giving time to other possibly more viable candidates, we keep gawking and pointing and laughing and yelling at him. We keep standing back in feigned horror as the monkey throws his feces, as if he only just appeared. Donald Trump has been making a fool of himself on TV for years. 


I have news. I’m getting a cat tomorrow. Well, I might. Someone is bringing a few kittens to my apartment for me to pick from. I feel awful just “picking” a cat, like you pick up food at a grocery store. I also feel bad separating the kittens from each other, but I’m not prepared for more than one cat. The only experience I have with a cat was the demon that is my family’s cat, Patches. He is a hardened criminal of an animal with no soul and no concern for human life. Seriously, I just don’t want the cat I get to end up like that because then I’ll have to sleep with my door locked and one eye open, constantly fearing for my life.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.



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