Sometimes Stereotypes Are True (Sorry Black Neighbors)

I knew it!

A few weeks ago my neighbors moved out and for the longest time the apartment next to me has been empty. This made me sad. Then I suspected that sometime last week, a new person had moved in, but I haven’t seen them or heard much noise coming from next door. I now have confirmation that there is indeed a person in there! They’re listening to Come Over by Aliyah right now, which makes me suspect they are black but it would be wrong of me to make that assumption. Early 2000s R&B is loved by many races.

Oh, someone just came out of the apartment! I looked through my peephole and it was a large black male. Now, he said something to someone inside the apartment, so there is a chance that he isn’t the renter but a friend or boyfriend of the renter. But my initial thought has been validated, someone in that apartment is black. He could have a white/hispanic/asian/indian girlfriend. Nope, just looked out the peephole again, the girl in question is indeed black. My stereotypes have been confirmed in this case. But not always because stereotypes are often untrue guys. 

Anyway, I’m done snooping now. Only because they’re both gone and the music is off.

I’ve been watching Scandal again on Netflix. (Without cable, I don’t even bother trying to keep up with what is actually on TV anymore. Instead I just binge watch through things when I have time.) I gotta say, I find all of the characters incredibly terrible. Except for Huck, he’s awesome. He is the dark heart of this ridiculous show. Shonda has done an interesting thing with Scandal in that she makes really awful people watchable. Everyone acts with every ounce of energy they possess and they’re good. There’s no bad acting, even in they’re overacting. It’s like Shonda said hey you want TV drama, here’s some drama. But Fitz and Olivia’s relationship is a complete nonsensical joke. All they do is yell at each other! And when they’re not doing that, they’re sucking face like the other person has the only oxygen left in the room. And apparently in Shonda TV world, the easiest way to deal with a problem is murder. Nobody’s reputation really gets ruined on this show, they just end up dead. (Except Billy, he actually went to prison which was surprising). Anyway, this show is too much but it’s also watchable. At least to me.

I know it’s dumb to talk about a show that’s been on forever and that everyone knows about and that isn’t even on TV right now, but I needed to write and I’ve forgotten all the interesting things that have happened in the past few days. Also I think all the ginger snaps I ate are affecting (effecting? I still don’t understand the difference) my brain. My parents came to visit me yesterday on their way to their ultimate destination! It was really nice to see them, and odd because I’ve never had the experience of my parents being in my space. It’s always been me in their space, me on their borrowed ground, me tagging along. But my mom cleaned my magic bullet and shamed me for how dirty it was, then opened my fridge and ate my fruit and made a smoothie so really, nothing has changed. I love those crazy kids.

Anyway, time for my last shift before a blessed two days off.



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