Animals Deserve Our Respect (Stop Rolling Your Eyes)

I’m trying not to think of people who do things I disagree with as monsters. That’s easy to do, and it’s what our society does to anyone who does anything wrong. However that is a very hard thing to do. For example, what kind of person (read: monster) flies to another country just to “hunt” an animal? And pays $50,000 to do so? He could’ve taken that money and probably fed thousand of families in the very country he flew to to hunt, decapitate and skin a lion. I know most people are outraged because this was a famous lion, but it doesn’t matter if this lion was Mufasa or one of the Lion King extras. It’s a living creature, and it didn’t deserve that. No animal does.

YEAH I KNOW. Meat is delicious and hunting for sport is a riotous good time and they’re just animals and we have dominion over them chicken nuggets ha. ha. ha. Look, just like the plan was never for us to die, animals were also never meant to die. Unfortunately they do, that’s just how it goes. But why do people hunt for sport? That seems so cruel and so unfair and so unnecessary. If you’re stranded in the woods and you’ve gotta take down a squirrel or a warthog or something to survive, hey do what you gotta do. We don’t live in a perfect world. Cows and chickens aren’t even seen as actual animals anymore. They’re just our dinner that hasn’t been seasoned yet.

I know people scoff/make fun of people who care about animal rights. And people like to act as if some care more about the rights/lives of animals than they do people. I hear that all the time. “HAHA those crazy animal rights activists they would watch a baby get stomped on but don’t you dare kick a cat.” Because it’s so completely irrational to care about more than one thing.

Maybe I’m a hypocrite. I killed a mouse the other day (not with my bare hands or anything). I could’ve got a humane trap but I wussed out and got the other kind. I feel really bad (judge me if you want but I do!) and I hope (okay I don’t hope) that if another mouse sneaks into my castle I will do the right thing (or what I’ve decided is the right thing).

Anyway, all I’m saying is that the lives of animals matter. They’re not just dumb fleshbags that are taking up our space. God took 5 other days out of His week to create them. And yeah, people are going to keep eating their meat and hooking their fish and there isn’t anything I can do about that. But the least we could do is have a little more respect for these creatures we share this crazy planet with. We’re not their dark overlords. They’re supposed to be our companions.

The end. G’day.


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