‘And Then A Third Guy Walks in and Starts Punching Me in the Grief Bone’

Remember when you were a kid and you made these grand plans for your afternoon with your friend? And then your parents swooped in to remind you that you are not, in fact, the master of your fate or the captain of your soul? Or when you were getting ready to eat something that looked delicious, but upon taste bud to product contact you were tremendously disappointed? Oh! Or when you’re just about the leave your last class before the weekend and your teacher springs a big home work assignment on you?

Bottle up all those feelings of disappointment, add a dash of grief, and that’s how I feel every time “See You Again” comes on the radio. Those simple, yet beautiful first piano notes to open the song, the soothing tone of Charlie Puth’s voice. I am constantly lulled into a false sense of security, like the calm before the storm. Like that last tick before the roller coaster drops off. I know what’s coming. Wiz. If Chad Michael Murray’s dead eyes could talk, they would sound like Wiz Khalifa when he raps in that song. He sounds like someone chloroformed him, dragged him to a recording studio, he came to in front of the mic and his kidnapper just said, “read the words in front of you” but he didn’t have enough time to completely come out of his drug induced haze.

I don’t know the affects smoking ones body weight in weed every three seconds has on a person, but clearly Wiz has tested the limits of the plant. Paul Walker deserves better.

Anyway, on to better news, I have 48 hours of freedom and next week my couch arrives so life is beautiful.



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