Cat Lady Starter Kit

Many things, many things.

First, and probably not most important but it just happened so it’s the freshest memory. I bought a coffee table! I know this is the most unexciting thing, but I’m pretty happy about it. These are things you never think about growing up, as there were always just tables every where, multi-purpose tables that didn’t have a name but you put your junk on it. I’m using my “coffee” table as a TV stand because I don’t see the purpose in buying a coffee table and an “entertainment center” for my little apartment. I have one TV and a $15 DVD player. That’s not cause for a “center.” I also bought a bookcase so now my books and DVD collection have a home. I bought the coffee table at Goodwill after staring at it for ten minutes, leaving the store, purchasing a tape measurer (among other things) and then returning to Goodwill. I decided, if it fits in the back of my car, I’ll buy it. And it did, so I did! $17, it’s the color I wanted and very minimalistic. A few scratches on it but I’m not rich enough to be picky about that sort of thing. Second hand, all the way! (Except for my mattress, had to get that new. Germs and what not.)

Today at Chipotle this very nice old man got very close to my face to ask if I knew a place he could buy sandwiches. He was from out of town. I told him there were some other places he could probably go, but I wasn’t sure about sandwiches. He decided he’d at least try out a burrito. He adorably gave instructions to the Chipotle people on his burrito assembly and then when he checked out he nudged me (with an impressive amount of force) and said thank you. I enjoyed that encounter.

Yesterday at work, the power went out for an hour or so, so we were sitting around talking while our bosses came up with a plan B, since we couldn’t just not put 20 something newspapers together. Eventually the lights came back on so we ditched plan B and got to work. As a thanks for our… sitting? one of the bosses brought in like, 20 boxes of Little Caesar’s pizza. And I thought, this is the broken America. I appreciated the option of free food, really, but we didn’t… do anything? I was snacking on Cheez-its while I sat in my desk chair, chatting it up and waiting for the lights to come on. And you’re now rewarding me for sitting and snacking with more food? Yikes.

Also, I bought these mangoes from Kroger as big as my face and they are speechlessly delicious.

Oh! And I bought two plants and these really cool pots for them, along with a bag of potting soil. Next I’m going to buy some doilies, knitting stuff, fifteen cats and call it a day.

HASHTAG catladystarterkit.

I really did buy plants and soil though.


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