A Little Bit About Yesterday

Yesterday was a historic day. It’s been a long time coming, and I never expected it to happen when it did. You know how you’re waiting for something for so long that you begin to forget you’re waiting? And then you start to busy yourself with other things, other tasks, to the point where it doesn’t feel like waiting, so much as allowing yourself to believe it just won’t happen? Complacency sets in, and you begin to daydream about it, because that’s all it will ever be. A dream.

Well, yesterday, in what will be marked as one of the greatest days in American history, I got a gift card to Chipotle.

I couldn’t believe it either. I’m house sitting, and when I arrived to the structure for which I was to watch over, I happened upon a kitchen counter with a note and a small stack of plastic cards. And within that stack of cards was the one. i knew then that God was real, and that His plan for my life had been fulfilled.

Okay, maybe not fulfilled, but definitely going into my core memories (Inside Out anybody? Yeah, that middle part with the brightly glowing balls. Except sadness will never touch this memory because it could never be sad).

I’m sure other interesting stuff happened in the land of the free yesterday, but it all pales in comparison to me getting a couple free meals at Chipotle. I’m sure you can all agree with this statement.



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