RIP James Horner 

I was really sad when I heard James Horner had died. His musical gift was truly appreciated. It’s pretty heart breaking to think his musical contributions to the world are over forever. 

As with most deaths, it makes you start thinking about death. How life is fleeting and no matter how grand you live, someday you will cease to exist and your grandness will eventually be forgotten. Time will go on and even those you loved who missed you will die and any real connection you had with the world will die too. If you did manage to leave an impact on the world, be it through music, art, literature, science or something else, your legacy isn’t about you so much as what you gave. The things that made you who you are, your quirks, your jokes, whether you were punctual or perpetually late, all those things are dust. 

None of this makes me think, “I wanna leave a legacy.” My only hope when I die is that I would’ve meant something to at least one person. Lucky for me I have 5 people in my immediate family so I can be assured that I (HOPEFULLY) meant something to those five people.

Now that I’ve depressed you, I had a really, really good mango today. Also it’s so wonderful to be driving again.



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