Thoughts About Guns And Other Sad Things

With the way people defend their right to bear arms, you’d think someone was trying to take their actual legs from them. I understand why people want to be able to have protection. There are some lunatics out there and sometimes the only way to stop them is a gun. Funny thing is, those same lunatics also have guns and do horrible things, like shoot children, or Christians trying to worship peacefully in their churches, or cops sitting in their cars, or just anybody really. It seems like having guns is really helpful sometimes, but most of the time it ends up being that yet another deranged human being picked up a gun on Amazon or wherever you buy guns on the internet. I don’t recall many stories where it worked out well for us to have lots of guns floating around. Maybe it’s just not being reported? Or maybe the bad of having easy access to weaponry has officially outweighed the good?

I’m no guru on the subject. I don’t think I’ve ever actually touched a gun and I’ve only seen one fired once. So maybe my opinion is invalid. But you know what? It’s America and this is a blog and I can say whatever I feel, right? So I’m saying that something’s gotta change. Every time a tragedy like this occurs, we have a “conversation”, we demand reform. I thought for sure after the shooting at Sandy Hook our country would be so outraged there would be swift action. 20 little kids. They hadn’t lived long enough to harm anyone. But what do you know? Here we are again, another massacre at the hands of a young white kid with a lot of hate in his heart and easy access to a murder machine.

We all wish there was something we could do, I know I do. But I can’t. So I’m writing about it on the internet, throwing my voice in with the thousands of others who are just as fed up with seeing people die this way. What now? What are they going to do to fix this? We have to do something. If only it were as easy as “take away the guns.” While some kind of reform on gun regulation would definitely help, it won’t solve the problem. People have been killing people since the beginning of time. I know what the Christian response is, I know what I should say or think. But “it’s sins fault” or “Jesus will fix it when He comes” doesn’t make these things better. It helps I suppose to think that at some point this madness will end, but it is still heart breaking to watch it all happen, knowing there is almost nothing you can do about the darkness in a person’s soul.


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