I Identify As A Unicorn Because Being Human Isn’t Real

I’m not mad at Rachel Dolezal. Being black is super fun and I totally get why she wanted to try it on for a decade or so. When I was little, I used to wish I was white. Well, let me clarify. I wished that my grandmother would ease up when she combed my hair and not thump me in the back the head when I cried about the pain. White girls had such silky hair that I thought, if that’s how I can evade this torture, then Lord make me milky! He did not grant my request, but years later, as I write this, I’ve learned to very much love my crazy curls and wouldn’t trade them for anything. (Okay, I’d trade them for a lot of things, but you get the point.)

Though I personally don’t feel offended or outraged by the whole thing, I understand the anger. I mean, the black community has been dealing with Iggy Azalea, and now this?! When will it end! they shout into the heavens. No, but seriously, I get it. This woman lied to a lot of people, and she’s also lying to herself. What does it even mean to “identify as black”? Understanding is one thing, being friends with a bunch of black people is another thing, but… what does it mean to identify with something that is outside of your own experience? I can understand this coming from a person who is actually multicultural, and has family on both sides. But to be 100% white and say you identify as black? What..? I want to talk to Rachel and try to understand where she is coming from. But since I can’t I’m just going to say she is crazy.

Anyway, this is short because 1) I have been suffering from writers block and can’t think of anything interesting to say. 2) There’s a very large, very delicious mango waiting for me in the fridge.



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