Dark Biking Almost Dead Here Are Words

I’m going to brag on myself a little (and then tear myself down because that’s just how it works in my brain). I’ve gone a little “biking crazy.” After many years of not owning a bike after it was stolen from me twice on a Christian college campus I am finally (well, it’s been a few weeks now) the proud owner of a bicycle. This past Friday, I went on this lovely trail near where I live and did about 13 miles. I got home, drenched in sweat but feeling pretty good. I thought, I’ll take a break, do that again in a few days. Well, Saturday evening came and I thought, gotta get back out there! So I did 20 miles. Then today (Sunday) I really really wanted Chipotle, so I did an 8 mile roundtrip that was actually awful because it was HOT, but totally worth it because mmmmmm…. Chipotle.

I’m going to be a shade darker than Lupita by the end of this summer and I’m going to have to wear reflective makeup on my face just so people can see me at night. You won’t be able to tell where my hairline ends and my face begins, unless I open my eyes really wide and smile, then you can kind of take an educated guess.

I was thinking that maybe I should get a bike helmet. I was reading statistics about the number of people that get hit on their bikes a year and die? It’s a very high. I’ve met at least a handful of people that this has happened to, and they aren’t doing to well. I’m very careful, granted, especially in high traffic areas, but the other day I was riding and my hand was sweaty and it slipped off the handle bar which made me lose my balance and almost tumble down a steep decline. There were no cars present, it was just me being a klutz! So I’m probably going to invest in a helmet. They look so dumb, but I do enjoy living and walking and breathing unassisted so… helmet over my fro or possible death/permanent handicap?

Because you know what? Cars have no respect for pedestrians! I’m a pretty seasoned pedestrian at this point, I haven’t driven for like a month. I was riding as close to the curb as I could the other day, because there were no sidewalks (or a shoulder) where I was riding and this truck saw me there but refused to swerve around me and I swear I felt the brush of his car touch my arm as he drove past (really fast). It was really scary! And I’ve almost been hit a couple of times by people who think of the cross walk as their personal “over time parking” at red lights.

I gotta be more careful probably, but also people need to have some respect. Just because you drive a metal tube on wheels doesn’t mean you own the road. 


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