Tyler Perry’s Existential Mall Crisis

As I get older, I’m realizing a lot of things about myself. (Don’t scoff actually older people! Despite your attempts to keep us young, we young folk are aging too so just let me have this moment of beard stroking wisdom!) One thing I learned about myself this week is that malls cause me to experience a very intense existential crisis. There’s something about watching American consumerism in action that makes me question why anything exists in the first place. I realize that I don’t particularly like having choices, at least not such a vast array of them that deciding becomes an insurmountable task.

I’m also learning to accept my introvertedness while simultaneously trying not to allow it to become an excuse I use for not trying new things. However there are new things that I just will not try, because I don’t feel it will propel me into some greater realm of being. (i.e., most water related activities. A leisure dip in a pool? Sure. Swimming with sharks? Probably gonna pass.) Maybe that makes me lame, and maybe I’ll change my mind someday. Who knows. I’m learning!

(Insert transitional sentence here.) I do not understand Tyler Perry’s brand of comedy-dramedy-tomfoolery. That being said, when I watched Madea’s Something Something Tyler Perry Christmas Or Whatever, I found myself laughing. It’s like when you get food poisoning after eating something delicious. The betrayal you feel, like why body are you putting me through this? Tongue liked it, why can’t you like it too stomach/intestinal tract?! The intellectual part of me really hates Tyler Perry, but at the end of the movie I thought, that was crap but it was… kind of good crap? AH! WHO AM I?



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