The Girl Who Didn’t Win The Lottery

So there I was, sitting in Pep Boys waiting for my car to be returned to me when an older black lady starts talking to me. She’s nice, telling me about a different car place that’s apparently better and gives better deals in that mythical land of auto-mechanic honesty. Anyway, she tells me I look like a college student and if I had heard about the girl who just moved here from Chicago. The way she smiled made me think this girl that moved from Chicago must’ve helped this woman pay for her electric bill or something because she was smiling so pleasantly.

And then she tells me, did you hear about her? She was driving down the road not far from Pep Boys and her phone just flew out the window. So she got out to get it. And she got hit by a car. And she died.

This story is not out of the ordinary in terms of surprising stories about death you don’t expect to hear from strangers. The odd thing was that the woman was smiling the entire time she was telling the story. Up until the moment she said the girl died, I expected there to be some triumphant turn of the events where the girl won the lottery or found a unicorn or discovered the cure for cancer. That was the tone in which she told the story. And even after she confirmed that the girl had died, she was still smiling and I was very confused. She then said that if her phone had flown out the window, she would assume it was cracked and would’ve left it. “But she was young,” she said. “She wanted to get out there and find her phone.” So I guess that was the point of the story… that young people value their phones over their lives. Which I’m to now assume is the general consensus among people in their late 60’s.

I would not go searching for my phone in the streets. Just sayin.

Anyway, life update. My car… oh that wonderful, black hole of all my hard earned dollars. Apparently it needs new brake pads, rotors all the way around and a new wheel bearing whatever that means. Anyway the guy gave me some exorbitant amount it would cost and looked at me as if he expected I would just climb up my money tree right then and there and hand him some bucks. So I pretended to think it over, but I was really thinking about what I was going to have for lunch. Then I told him, yeah, maybe no.

So if you know anybody selling a used car, I’m over here! I think it’s time to move my car purchasing into, at least, the early 2000’s. Is that too lofty a goal? Probably. Anyway, I’m gonna finish watching Married At First sight while I clean because you needed to know those very specific details.



2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Didn’t Win The Lottery

  1. What an awful woman! But what a great story. I wish you luck in your quest for a reliable used car. And that show is freaking addictive. It’s like you can’t look away from the lunacy and then before you know it, you find yourself thinking, “Hey, couldn’t be any worse than dating, right?” (Or maybe that’s just me…)

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