This One Is Long And Ranty. It’s About Vegans and Racism. Enjoy.

People make fun of vegans, and most of the jokes I hear about vegans are hilarious. But you guys, have you ever tried to be vegan? It’s difficult. I mean, not as hard as surviving a war or battling a terminal illness or living in a slum or being an orca at Sea World. But it’s that kind of difficult that I’m sure rich people feel when they have to, I don’t know, wait for their private jet to warm up during the winter.

Anyway, for the last couple of months I’ve been pretending to be vegan. I say pretending because I don’t buy dairy products, but if I go out to eat, I’ll have something with cheese in it. I’m already vegetarian, so it’s not that big of a transition. Also I eat bread that I’m sure has some kind of dairy in it, and I use honey, which apparently a true vegan wouldn’t do because of bee exploitation or something, I don’t know. Anyway, like I said, I’m a surface vegan, and even that is difficult. But it is forcing me to be more creative with my meals at home. Where I would usually just sprinkle some cheese on pasta or between two slices of bread and call it a meal, I now have to find a way to put actual flavor in my food, instead of depending on the salty, oily goodness of cheese.

You know those people at potlucks (Adventists might understand this) who will eat every greasy casserole and load up at the dessert table and then make a big show about how they don’t eat like this everyday and ‘oh maybe we can go on a little walk after this,’ ‘oh I used to be so small, I never used to eat like this,’ blah, blah, blah. Every potluck has them. Even if it’s just you and three other people, someone will get to talking about it.

Racism. (I’m all about surprise transitions.) There’s way too much that can be said on this topic. Racism isn’t still around because we won’t let it go. It’s still around because of ignorance, and because pretending that something does not exist doesn’t make it go away. Changing laws doesn’t change mind sets. People don’t have healthy views of other races or cultures because they aren’t required to. A group of people can live in their own little universe their entire lives without having to encounter anything or anyone different, and that’s the danger. We seem to still have a “separate but equal” mindset, us vs them. Racism is our problem, all of us who live and work here.

This country never got the therapy we needed after slavery and the civil rights movement. White people were just expected to get with the program, but a lot of them didn’t want to, and some still don’t. So black people, we’re defensive, we’re unsure, we’ve never really been welcomed, we just kind of stuck around and were expected to acclimate, live by the rules that were made before we got the chance to have a say in what the rules were. That doesn’t make sense! How can you expect enemies to get along when they were never made to understand each other. That’d be like taking a kid who was kidnapped in a basement for 15 years, freed and then told, okay now this family that treated you so badly, well they want to adopt you! Isn’t that wonderful? Now, here’s your room, your clothes and where you’ll be going to school. Have fun!

Is it any wonder why there’s so much unrest? So many twisted up mindsets and confusion? We’re still a young country, and we haven’t made sense of our past. It’s just that weird spare bedroom that no one talks about. We need to swing that door open and do some renovations! Talk about it! Oh, but then you get the people who say, “oh my family came here from Germany after all that, we didn’t own slaves.” I see that you took a wrong turn at the point. 

Anyway, shutting up. I want pizza.


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