Sappy Slappy Happy

Have you ever been so happy that it starts to affect (effect? I still don’t know the difference) your safety? Like you feel invincible and you start driving recklessly and smiling at strangers and volunteering to do manual labor and jumping off of buildings? Is that just me?

My life has fallen into a very nice pattern of work, Netflix and weekends. Lucky for me, one of my friends from high school lives in the area and her family has allowed me to make their house my Sabbath happy place. God bless them and their beautiful California souls. I’ve also been trying to make new friends (in strange places, but no dark alleys… yet), finding places to volunteer, and trimming down this big ol’ body. One thing I haven’t managed is to keep my apartment clean during the week. But, I’ve accepted that I’m not a particularly clean person, and the only person to be bothered by the mess is me. I might as well enjoy that now, right? Before some man-boy I have to call a husband moves in and starts complaining about the unwashed dishes.

Anyway, the true reason behind my reckless driving and building hopping is that in about a week, I get to see my family. It happened very slowly, and then all at once, us not living around each other anymore. At first it was boarding school, my junior and senior year of high school. I kind of got used to not always being around them. And then college, where I lived in the dorm but they were still close. I’ve always had the option of seeing my family, and the most I’d go without seeing them was a couple of weeks. In the past 3 years, I think I’ve seen them four times?

I know that’s not a big deal for some people, but I’m close to those crazy people who share my blood. Whenever I’m around them, I laugh more than I do with anyone else. They freshen my cynical perspective on life, they make me angry, they make me happy. Just like no one prepares you for budgeting your adult money or paying your taxes, nobody prepares you for living far away from your family. I miss them like crazy everyday, even if when I see them the shine wears off and within 24 hrs I remember why I can’t be around them all the time. I don’t think I like this Western idea of striking out on your own, not being around your people. I’m happy my parents are still young enough that I don’t need to be worried about them, but I still miss their lovely, slightly old faces.

Alright, I’m done being all mushy. Feelings, gross, amiright?

I hope you all get a little bipolar dose of happiness in the coming days, weeks, months. If not, I’ll give you some of mine.


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