Lifetime Achievement Award For Bad Movies

I’m watching this Lifetime movie called “Kept Women”. I choose to see all Lifetime movies as comedies, as I do not believe they are made to be taken seriously. This movie is about a couple who moves to the suburbs and happens to move in next door to a guy who keeps women in his very well decorated, 1950’s themed basement. He believes in traditional values and has decided to kidnap women to help them escape away to a place (his really nice basement) where women do what they’re supposed to (cook, clean, listen to their husbands). He also kills them if they don’t do what he says, so I think that’s maybe a different interpretation of gender roles, but it’s Lifetime so…

I finally cooked today. Shoutout to all the stay-at-homes (mom or dad) who have to cook meals everyday for more than one person. Don’t know how you do it, but I salute you. I can barely get myself to decide what to make for meals, least of all do it. If I could just eat Chipotle and sandwiches everyday, you bet I would. But alas, those options are too expensive/unhealthy. So I made mashed potatoes that I actually boiled and mashed myself thank you very much. And green beans, the ones from the ground, not the can, thank you very much again please and thank you. Then I made rice because I still have lentils leftover so I won’t have to cook again for a few days which is music to my lazy ears.

Job update: I’m getting the hang of it! I’m feeling less confused and now I’m just determined to make improvements everyday. It’s nice to be challenged. Speaking of which, I finally went and got an access card to my apartment complex’s gym. I tried a new workout that my sister recommended and I almost died. Really. I was sure my organs were going to abandon my body and tell me to meet them at an ice cream shop. When I got back to my apartment, I opened the back door, collapsed on the floor and shouted “I hate working out!” to the clouds. But I’m probably going to do it again tomorrow.

Anyway, bye. Don’t lock anyone up in your basements.


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