This Blog Post Will Make You Worry About My Mental Stability. Don’t. (Maybe.)


Anyway, I had no idea there were women shaving off their hair as an empowerment thing. Youtube takes you through phases of the human experience in ways that interacting with real humans never could. So I’m sitting here, listening to some lovely piano music on Pandora, and I come across this YouTube video of this girl shaving her head. Which leads me to another video of a different girl shaving her head, but also giving reasons for why. She had a gorgeous head of hair. My hair got a little limp with hair envy. And the girl said that shaving her head was on her bucket list and that the reason she was doing it was because we as women place too much of our value in our hair.

I do not.. understand. Is liking my hair placing value on it? I love my hair, I love it more now since I stopped relaxing it. I would never shave my head because I’m certain that, for one thing, I would miss it terribly. I love reaching up and feeling it, it’s like a good friend that kind of feels like a pillow or a plush rug. I think my hair is a better person than I am.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure I understand the idea that shaving your head somehow proves you’re an empowered female. The girl seemed to think she had enough to offer to the world that she didn’t need hair to do it so, you know, more power to her.

Great news, I bought a toaster today. Not to sound all first-world, but toasting your bread in the oven on broil is both annoying and time consuming. I’m sure it will reflect on my electric bill whenever that comes. Yes, today was the shopping day I have so been looking forward to, and it was every bit as glorious as I had hoped it would be. I now have a strainer, a dish rack, dish towels, cleaning supplies and food. Glorious food. BY THE WAY, Adventists, you guys listen. Why on EARTH does a can of Swiss Steak with only FOUR pieces in it cost $6?! Let me tell you, there is a very warm place prepared for the people who price vegetarian meat. No, for everyone involved in pricing everything at health food stores. There is no reason I should have to make a six figure income to buy healthier food. (No vegetarian meat isn’t technically healthy, but do you know how much a small container of vegan sour cream is? Not cheap, that’s how much!)

Alright this has taken a turn. A beautiful piano rendition of Chim Chim Cher-ee just came on and I don’t want to ruin it. Oh, it’s actually a medley of all the Mary Poppins songs! It’s really beautiful. I wish I had a piano.



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