Four Score And So On And So Forth

So today I have been forced to turn 26, even though I could’ve sworn I turned 16 yesterday. I remember the year I turned 15, I told everyone not to wish me Happy Birthday, but instead wish me “Happy One Year Till You’re 16” because I was childish and thought being 16 meant something. When I realized that turning 16 doesn’t automatically make a car and a driver’s license appear, I started counting down the days till I turned 18. Then I turned 18 and nothing changed much except I started college. I think 18 was the birthday I realized I’d better stop counting down and just enjoy birthdays as they come and go.

I am really grateful to have made it to twenty-six with all ten fingers and toes, my health and my hair. I’ve made a lot of grown-up decisions so far this year, and am finally at a place in my adulthood transition that isn’t so riddled with anxiety. AND all the lights were green on my way to Chipotle today so, I mean, what more could this humble soul ask for?

It’s strange/scary to think that I’ll be turning thirty in four years. Four years is not that long of a time. My little sister will be graduating from college in four years. A child born today or anytime this year will be able to hold a conversation in four years. Hilary will be finishing her first term as President in four years haha probably I don’t know maybe Fox News and their minions won’t let that happen. Anyway, my point is stuff happens in four year increments apparently. But for now I’m still basically in my mid-twenties and have a lot of life left to live and mistakes to make and ice cream to eat.

Yay! 26!


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