Eventually This Sentence Will End So

It’s really disheartening how flippant some Seventh-day Adventists can be towards environmental concerns or animal rights. Many of us are vegetarian, and yet when it comes to fair treatment of animals, creatures God took time to create just like He did us, we really don’t seem to care. I’ve heard people say “well God’s just going to destroy the Earth anyway.” !!! People have said that! As if the eventuality of the Earth’s destruction gives us the right to not care about how it’s treated. Sure, we can’t go tear down factories pumping pollutants into the air, but we can do what we can to bring awareness, or at least within our own homes do our best to make individual decisions.

Eventually, you’re going to die. Should you kill yourself now? Eventually someone is going to give your kid a black eye, so go ahead and punch him/her and get it over with. Eventually your car is going to stop working, so just go drive into the side of a building. You might as well be using that kind of logic.

Sometimes I think Christians are afraid to have passions outside of religious or spiritual things because they think they’re worshiping those passions instead of God. But why did He make us emotional, social beings if He didn’t want us to care about the things He gave us?

Anyway, that’s a thought I had and you’re supposed to blog your thoughts. There’s some kind of millennial manual that says that… somewhere. Probably in the same place where it says, “If someone over 35 mentions Twitter or Facebook in real life, acknowledge it. They want you to know they “get you.” Let them have this. You’ll be them one day.”


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