Hunger Games in Apartment B

I have spent my last free dime, and now the rest of my funds will be allocated to paying rent, electric, internet and car insurance bills. This means that it is time to get creative in the kitchen. Operation “eat everything in the pantry” has commenced. (The woes of starting a new job in the middle of a pay period.) This will be a challenge, since I don’t have a lot of food, but anything is possible with God, amen?

This morning, I had a sandwich with vegenaise, tomatoes and slices of carrot. Maybe it’s the hunger, but it was actually really good! My mind has been trained to believe that a sandwhich isn’t complete without cheese and some kind of (vegetarian) meat. But a simple sandwich such as this was pleasing to my tastebuds. I’m also boiling some lentils, God’s favorite bean, and then I’ll have that with some rice. See? This isn’t so bad! Now, once these hearty foods run out, I might have to survive on a diet of popcorn with vegan butter, but listen, people have survived much worse.

Wish me success on my quest.


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