Tables and Microwaves and the Underground Railroad

I just had a very bizarre dream that ended with a bunch of guys, who claimed to be using the Underground Railroad, bringing shrooms and alcohol into my apartment in the middle of the night. I don’t know what this means. I don’t even know what psychedelic mushrooms look like.


This post is dedicated to the two-woman superhero team comprised of Kelsey C and her mother Denise. Not only did they become my first visitors, but they took me on my first non-work, non-errand, non-chipotle adventure outside of my apartment. It was wonderful. But the best part was the table and microwave they brought me, along with sage life advice on ways to adult. If you do not know these people, I feel bad for you son. (If you guys are reading this, your gift will be used responsibly, I promise. I’ve already maxed out my Chipotle allowance for March!)

As the kids say these days, HASHTAGBLESSED.

With the exit of my favorite superheros, my quest to become a grownup has been renewed. Now that I know what my day to day schedule will be like and I’ve given myself the first week to adjust, I know now what I must do. I have given myself a temporary life schedule, to be adjusted as friends are made (FINGERS CROSSED GUYS) and hopefully the one person (maybe) who reads this will keep me accountable. Because one of my major life goals has finally come to fruition (get a real job), I can now work on the little goals that I’ve had to sideline.

Did I mention that I have a dining room table and a microwave now? Oh blessed, sweet holy victory. Thank you again to the mom and daughter duo of the century. Ya’ll the bomb dot com.


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