Roasted Potatoes With Avocado Will Be Your First Meal In Heaven

Today I made this plan to go to the grocery store and get avocado’s. Then I saw this store that boasted having a ton of random stuff for cheap. So I thought, hey, I’ll go there first, see what’s up. Stores like that are dangerous for a single person looking to furnish their first apartment with the trappings of adulthood. Lucky for me, I am broke, so they couldn’t lure me in with their “discounts” and their “sales.” As I walked through the store, I found myself picking up things I know I don’t need, just because it was compact. That’s how people’s homes get filled with crap.

I solemnly swear on the lives on hoarders gone by that I will only purchase what is functional (except for paintings or pieces of art!). Not what is cheap, not what is cute, not what “I could use someday.” Only. Functional. I do not want to end up like every middle aged person I know who throws up their hands in exasperation as they look through their garage full of boxes that now have dust bunny communities. Maybe because I’m young, single and basically own nothing, I can have this ideology. If you’re over the age of 35 with a family and a mortgage and you’re reading this, you’re probably laughing at me. But let me have this. Let me have this dream.

That’s all I have to say today. I did end up buying those avocado’s though, about an hour later. Have you tried roasted potatoes with just a diced up avocado? Put some smoked paprika, olive oil and garlic salt on those potatoes, bake ’em, ketchup ’em, eat them with avocado on the side. Sew. Gewd. I’ve been eating that meal for a couple of weeks now. Let me tell you… Hmmmm.

I dare you to try it.


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