Force A Hug Day


Why does it seem like this keeps happening? I need to make some friends so I don’t have to blog my thoughts and I can instead angrily vocalize them to someone. But friends will come in due time. For now, all I have is you, internet, to voice my disappointment in America.

White college boys being racist, singing racist songs, drunken on a bus. In Oklahoma. The sky is blue (as long as we’re mentioning things no one is surprised to hear). When I read about these sorts of things, I’m not angry. It isn’t the fault of these privileged children that their parents did not expose them to people with cultural differences. That they lived their lives in a cashmere cocoon, never really having to be exposed to anything different. I blame this kind of ignorance on bad parenting. Not that being this way in your early 20’s is an excuse, but, it’s more sad than angering.

However, what does make me sad is when “journalists” who are supposed to be educated get on TV with their fancy haircuts and pretty clothes and say ignorant things to the millions in their viewing audience. A bunch of stupid, inebriated college kids singing about not letting niggers into their fraternity? Embarassing, sad, but they’re still learning how to human. But “professional” “adults” with an “education” using their platforms and their influence to basically say that racism is still around because of hip hop? That is irresponsible. Because there are dumb people watching your dumb “news” network who will latch on to your dumb opinions. And those people are parents, who will now continue to foster that same mindset within their own children, therefore perpetuating the cycle of ignorance. It has to stop somewhere.

I’m not a huge fan of rap/hip hop. I like my music to be music, not someone rapping over a beat about how much sex he is about to have. (Not all rap/hip hop is like this, I know, but the mainstream stuff that most of the population hears is). That being said, there is a difference between rappers telling us about their lifestyle and white people singing on a bus about lynching us. Or hating us because it has been ingrained into their DNA to believe they are somehow superior. BIG difference.

Most of mainstream news seems to be 20% news and 80% overpaid “professionals” spouting off their ill-informed opinions. They have that right, but they don’t seem to take into account that people listen to them, and when they write off an incident like what happened in OK and basically say, “well if black people would stop making this kind of music, maybe racism would disappear,” people believe them. Somebody has got to stop playing the blame game and start taking responsibility for the fact that we are not addressing racism in a healthy way.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve finally got my frustrations out of my system. The only way things will change is with the individual. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, but don’t let that pride lead you to believe you’re better than anyone else. Now, go hug someone of a different race than you. Even if they don’t want to be hugged, force them to hug you. That’s the only way we’ll conquer this. Forced hugs and ignoring each others personal space. 

On second thought, don’t do that. You might get punched in the face.


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