Plungers and Cussing Kids

I’ve never purchased a plunger. It’s one of those things that are always just there, and if it’s not there you don’t think about it until that awful moment when you need it and you don’t have it. I thought of the shame I would feel if I had to call maintenance should the need for a plunger arise. Besides, when one lives less than a mile from Target, one must go to Target.

Speaking of living close to things, it’s great. It really is. However, between me and Target, there are about 12 intersections, 50 lights and 1,000 cars. So what would take 2 minutes sans traffic and lights takes 10 minutes with those interruptions. Not complaining, again, Target/Walmart/everyfoodplaceever etc., it’s all right there. But the entire population is also taking advantage of this at the same time.

Whilst browsing through the things I can’t afford yet in Target and day dreaming of a well decorated apartment, I overheard a kid shout “I’m not giving you any f**king money!” to his parents. Very loudly. Everyone within hearing shot just kind of stopped what they were doing and looked at each other like, “What are the laws on spanking someone else’s child in public?” It was funny, but also sad because apparently kids talk like this now.

My second stop was Barnes & Noble, where one must also go when in close proximity. I watched people, trying to make sad I-just-moved-here-be-my-friend eyes. Didn’t work. People tend to avoid eye contact in public, especially in a place such as Barnes & Noble, which is an introverts Utopia.

My first day is tomorrow. I’m not nervous, just excited and ready to see what’s going to happen. Right now it just feels like I’m house sitting someone’s empty apartment and at some point I’m going to be catching a bus back to Michigan. Words cannot describe how pleased I am that isn’t happening and that the empty apartment is mine.


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