New Places

There’s some kind of light that intermittently gets duller and brighter right outside my window. It could be a UFO, but I’m not going to check. Also I can’t sleep because my brother is staying with me and he snores like someone is choking him in his sleep.

I moved into my first apartment today and wow. What a feeling. I’m overwhelmed by this area, mostly because there’s a Chipotle within six minutes of here and that’s never happened to me before. I’m used to places where I have to drive at least a half hour to the nearest anything. This will be an exercise in self-control. Jesus, be my strength against the wiles of fast dining.

It’s strange because I’ve finally latched onto that elusive piece of adulthood where I am financially independent. Except the word “deposit” has been like a black plague on my bank account. I plan on groveling at the alter of parental support within a day or two just to be able to afford some essentials that do not automatically carry over into this new phase of my life: dish soap, toilet paper, light bulbs, dish towels, etc.

It will also be some time before I have a real bed, but this queen sized air mattress (that I hand pumped by the way) is doing just fine. For now. Good thing I brought my exercise ball, just in case sitting on the floor gets old. Everything is new and exciting and pretty and shiny, and for the foreseeable future, I want it to stay that way. Even if I discover my neighbors have dogs that bark all hours of the night, even if someone constantly takes the parking space I’ve designated for myself, even if I have a co-worker with bad breath and no sense of personal space. Apartment B Janelle wants to be grateful in all things.

Now, excuse me while I go kick my brother out of his snore cycle.


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