Apparently, there are people who do not understand the concept of “relaxation.” The idea that some of us will take 24 whole hours and not leave our bedrooms is foreign to these people. There’s some kind of pride I suppose in being a workaholic, and always having to be busy. I do not possess such traits. The idea of living in constant motion disturbs me.

I made a pit stop in Chicago this weekend and I found myself in Union Station for several hours. I people watched, but most of the people were moving so fast it was more of a people blur. Lots of coffee cups and the brisk movements of humans on a mission to get here or there. I suppose I understand it, vaguely. Nobody wants to feel like they aren’t making some kind of contribution to the world, or even to their world, the small communities we all inhabit. We want to feel important, like if we didn’t show up to this meeting or that workshop, everything would fall apart.

I don’t think that’s reality though. I think that’s just a fantasy we all dwell in, a way to make ourselves feel important. But maybe this statement doesn’t matter because it’s coming from someone who is fairly replaceable.

Anyway, just as much as it’s important to feel needed, valued, appreciated, it’s also important to just take a second. Waste a few hours, and don’t try to get them back or make up for them.


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