The Special Snowflake Theory

In a manner of speaking, post-college life is like an animal being released into the wild. Having been coddled and cared for by the kind humans, fostering it’s health with only the precarious animals best interests at heart, the poor creature has no idea what atrocities await it in what is supposed to be it’s “natural habitat.” Does it know that sometimes in the wild, lions will eat each other when pushed to the brink of starvation? Or that one small injury to the leg of a gazelle could prove fatal because if you’re in the back of the pack, it’s only a matter of time before the lioness singles you out. No, the spoiled little animal doesn’t know that because all it’s life it has been fed and looked after. And told it was special.

And now, out in the great blue yonder, it realizes it’s not special at all and that there are other, more talented animals with similar spots who can run faster and catch more limping gazelles.

But I digress.

None of us are snowflakes. I mean, in terms of our DNA, yes, we are special. Nobody has the same finger print as you, so yeah, in that way, you are incredibly unique. But the idea that no one else can bring to the world what you can? That is hogwash. There are at least 1 million people (probably, I have no scientific data to prove this) that can bring the same spirit, energy and expertise to any number of things that I can. There are tons of people with the same point of view, the same ideals and values. I am not special in that regard.

Then again… when I watch America’s Got Talent, I’m tempted to join the “special snowflake” coalition because some of the things I’ve seen on that show just can’t be duplicated. I mean, a guy ate cacti. What is that about?



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