Celebs, They Be Givin, Am I Right?

If I were a celebrity, I would go to greater lengths to protect my good deeds than I would my personal life. I think it’s really great that a lot of famous people are so philanthropic and give so generously. When you’re given that much money for a job that really shouldn’t be paying you that much, you should do something with it besides buy… I dunno, diamond encrusted hubcaps, or.. whatever rich people buy. 

I just saw an article about how Taylor Swift donated a bunch of money to a hospital and then did something else (I don’t know what the else is.. I didn’t read the article. I just saw it). And that’s great, so, so great. But I would like to think that Taylor Swift didn’t do this so that someone from Yahoo! could say “oh, oh, look at Taylor! She did something nice! She’s probably trying to get our attention so we can write an article about it.” As soon as I see an article like that I think, “Ohmygawd Taylor, we get it, you have money and you give it to people. Stop shoving it in our faces.” Her doing good makes me not like her, which is irrational and unfair. She isn’t doing it. The all elusive they are responsible. 

Also, whenever a male/female celebrity (especially an attractive one) does anything even remotely endearing, there is this love and adoration that is a little misplaced. They are basically seen as demigods who can do no wrong. Without ever actually requesting it, they are put on this pedestal and if they ever do anything to try and sneak off of it, well.. you’ve seen it happen. 

Anyway, basketball stuff is starting and I’m going to pretend to have been paying attention to it the whole season. 


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