What The Water boarding?

“Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” 

For one, let’s all thank God Sarah Palin isn’t in charge of much. I mean, the only thing she’s really got dominion over is her mouth, and she can’t seem to get that under control. 

It’s exhausting and redundant to talk about how classless Sarah Palin is, so I won’t. But I will group her together with another rich, entitled person who recently made headlines, you may have heard his name being bounced around lately? Donald Sterling? Yeah. The thing I’m noticing is that these people who say the most horrendous things, the most repulsive, unpopular things? They made it to the top, they’re not wanting for anything, and they didn’t get there by accident. They also didn’t just suddenly become racist and/or ignorant. 

The shocking thing is actually the shock. The fact that these people keep getting exposed for their blood curdling stupidity, and we all sit slack-jawed and confused, that’s the sad thing. When you live in a society where people think that ignoring race and/or racism is how to deal with it, you get Sarah Palins and Donald Sterlings. People get to keep their prejudice views as long as it’s only said in private conversations, or at NRA conventions where everybody is agreeing and cheering–where ignorance is being validated. 


I want this to be said. Sarah Palin is not a Christian. She worships at the alter of Fox News and Palin, and uses God’s name as a crutch for her agenda. I’m a Christian, and I know a lot of Christians, and they are humble people who give of themselves for the good of others. We are taught to be selfless and accepting and to approach everything we do with love. Do Christians always accomplish that? Not in the least–but the good ones try. Sarah Palin does everything to advance her cause of belittling anyone she finds to be beneath her or who disagree’s with her ludicrous views. 

*steps down carefully from soapbox*


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