Frosty Lunar Comebacks

It was cloudy last night, so I didn’t get to see the lunar eclipse. The reason it was cloudy is because Mother Nature punked the East Coast so bad. It was 68 degrees the day before yesterday. I went for a walk in just a t-shirt. It was beautiful.

And then winter pointed and laughed at all of us like the rude, intrusive, uncomfortable season that it is. I mean I’ve been spring cleaning and everything! I feel a little disrespected if I’m being honest.

Speaking of unexpected/expected comebacks, Micheal Pheeeeelps. I’m not excited that he might possibly be re-emerging. Not because I don’t like him (how can you not like him? What’s there not to like?). I’m just one of those people that cringes at sequels, one of those don’t beat a dead horse types. I like the idea of leaving with dignity, giving people the opportunity to miss you.

Then again, even if he does come back and doesn’t do so well, he’s still going to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. Everybody was making a big case about this Ryan Lochte fellow, but look how that turned out? We thought he would be competition, and instead he kind of embarrassed himself into obscurity. He’ll probably come back and do really well and win more stuff but, he’ll never be Michael Phelps, which is probably okay with him. And I can barely doggy paddle anyway, so even if Michael came back and swam at 1/3 of his peak, he’d still be better than me on my best day at life.



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