Let It Go, Seriously

Thank goodness this blog isn’t popular enough to warrant a stream of hatred when I say this: I loath the song ‘Let It Go.’ This is not a situation wherein I hate something solely based on its popularity. With all the genuineness that I can muster, from the moment I first heard it to this very second, I have disliked that song. Every single strain of it makes my ears bleed (ok not really but you get the point).

The movie hadn’t quite reached its peak of popularity when I had first seen it, and so after that song had finished I thought, ew, worst Disney song ever. For sure I thought In Summer or Do You Wanna Build A Snowman would get more hype. Those songs are far more creative (I mean, c’mon, a snowman who dreams of getting ‘gorgeously tan’? You cannot get more hilariously ironic than that). But when the momentum started building for this movie and everybody started talking about how obsessed they were, I was truly confused. And then it won and Oscar and I was like, urhuhwha? 

You know what Disney song should’ve gotten more hype? Mother Knows Best, from Tangled. That song was brilliant. But Let It Go? I mean, besides the fact that it is just.. an awful song, what is it even about? Why is she so angry? She did one bad thing with her powers, her terrible parents make her feel guilty about it, she hides away for years and alienates her sister.. and then runs away? I mean, who was oppressing her? What’d I miss? (Ok there were those two seconds when her powers were revealed and everybody was like ‘o_O’ but, c’mon Elsa?)

Anyway, I could go on and on about how much I don’t like this song (actually not on and on, I think I’ve said it all). I challenge anyone to read the lyrics of that song and give me a intelligent 10 word summary on what it is about… without using the title in said summary. “Girl throws tantrum over minor error made ten years prior.” That would be my summary. I’m sure I’ve changed your opinion of that song and now you should definitely listen to In Summer and give it a second chance as your favorite Frozen song. (Pretend like that song the trolls sang doesn’t exist because, honestly, what was that?)


One thought on “Let It Go, Seriously

  1. Ah, I’ll try a ten word summary: Girl tries to accept that her powers aren’t bad.
    Note: Tries.
    This doesn’t really happen, as she is still scared of anyone, and it’s not like she can run away from fears, which is basically . I definitely agree that Mother Knows Best should have gotten popularity, or at least I’ve got a Dream.
    Good Job!

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