This and That

Now that winter just might be releasing us from its frosty grasp, maybe I should dust off this blog and try being consistent? 

In terms of time, not that much has gone by, but when you look at the news and all that’s happened, you would think a good year has passed. I mean, missing planes, fighting countries, freaking Shia LaBeouf has disappeared down a rabbit hole (seems he wishes he could also physically evaporate and not just mentally/emotionally). So much happening, and so many people who have already talked about it all. 

So I’m just going to use this time to say that I loved the Veronica Mars movie. It was all the things a nostalgia funded, TV reunion movie should be. 

That’s actually all I’m going to say about that. Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow. In the meantime, Crimean citizens voted to join Russia and secede from the Ukraine, so that’s something. 


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