Incoherent Ramblings of a Frost Giant

I thought this “polar vortex” thing was supposed to be a one time deal. Turns out, Mother Nature is doing all she can to freeze out and/or kill everyone on the East coast. But some of my friends in Cali have been saying they are having a drought worse than they’ve had in years. So really I don’t know what’s going on but someone better start confessing their sins. 

Come quickly Spring.

2014 has been extreme and it’s only just begun. For me, it was food poisoning and a heinous wisdom teeth (5) extraction. For the rest of America, it’s been enduring the never ending stream of news from the biggest disappointment to come forth from the North: Justin Bieber. Certainly Miley Cyrus is planning something big to get everyone talking about her again. Either way, I hope January is no indication of the course of 2014, because it has been massively upsetting so far. 

The bright side is that today, despite subzero temperatures, the sun is shining. Like a sirens call, it’s beautiful glow is tricking everyone into peeking their heads out and maybe taking a stroll, but you pretty much abandon that idea as soon as your epidermis is assaulted by Jack Frost. Despite all this, I really want some ice cream. I always want ice cream–there is never a moment when ice cream is not appropriate. 

Anyway, there’s no theme here, because that’s the point of a blog right? Just a Pollock of thoughts that maybe come together to make a point, or are just there and who cares what any of it means.

Go eat some ice cream today… it’ll make it all better.


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