Snowpocalypse Poisoned Atheist

I have been highly neglectful of the blogging thing. Not sure why, I keep thinking about it and then I stop thinking about it and start thinking about other things. 

2014 started out great! I spent 24 hours on a bus, then I got food poisoning (Thank you McDonalds/Pizza Hut) and spent a good 48 hours wishing I was dead. Then the Snowpacolypse came a dashed all my dreams of productivity. I’m slowly digging my way out (literally, there’s like 12 feet of snow around my house) of a sort of weather-induced vacation haze and trying to do grown up things. 

I’m sure you are riveted by all this. 

Anyway, did you hear about that pastor who “tried out” atheism? I’m not sure if the experiment is ongoing or if he’s reached whatever conclusions he was seeking, but I wish… him well? My brain can’t really grasp the idea of trying out something like atheism. I mean, you try out flavors of ice cream or prom dresses. But how does one try out something like belief there is no God? Either you believe it or you don’t.

It’s like that time Tyra Banks tried out being homeless for a day. I’m sure it was miserable for those 24 hours, and she really formed an empathy for those who deal with it day in and day out. But she knew that by the end of the day/week, she’d be back in her warm house, drinking water former models drink and eating whatever former talk show hosts/models/TV personalities eat. 

It seems to me that people see religion and Jesus as synonymous. Which, they aren’t. Religion is just a way for humans to make sense of divinity. We give it rules, interpretations, principals–we give Jesus a cozy box with a couch and a corner office. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with organized religion, I’m part of a denomination. It gives clarity, there’s a sense of community. But from what I’ve seen, when people get mad at the church and the people within it, they also become angry at God. There are legitimate reasons to have your doubts about Jesus’ existence, but I don’t think it should be because the people He put in charge of His message screwed up, again

Alright, well, that’s it. Maybe I should make a resolution to do this more often. But I’m not going to do that. I’ll just see what happens tomorrow.


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