Girls Just Wanna…

There’s this really strong misuse of the word “feminism.” A pop star, who doesn’t need a mention, has recently been quoted as saying they were “one of the biggest feminists in the world.” She claims to tell women “not to be scared of anything,” and that “all girls are beautiful.” 

(insert heavy sigh here) 

I don’t consider myself a feminist per-say, but I do believe in equality. Which is, from what I can tell, the message of feminism. There are women who fought, and are still fighting, to be awarded the same opportunities as men. Voting, equal pay, all that good stuff. Those women were actually about something, they were deep in a real struggle, having dealt with real  discrimination. 

Some of these female celebrities who claim to speak for women and are “role” models? I’m missing where the message is. I fail to see how being half naked and putting auto tune to your lyrics about being a sexual object is good for women. Sure, you have the “right” as an American to present yourself publicly however you please. But acting as if what you’re doing is anything beyond a gimmick to make money? Pretending like there is some kind of depth or message behind your very public stupidity? Let’s not label that as anything but what it is. 

Feminism to me is women getting to choose the life they want to lead. Whether they want to be a corporate attorney or a stay-at-home mom, or balancing family and owning a business. Whatever. It’s making positive decisions for your life because you want to, not because it’s dictated or expected of you. It is not wearing a bedazzled bikini and grinding on a male dancer, talkin about “if you’re ready come and get it.” (And no, this whole thing is about Selena Gomez. That song just.. it’s always stuck there in my head because those lyrics, combined with her perpetually 12 year old face makes me laugh every time.) Feminism shouldn’t be about one gender dominating the other–it’s about empowering each other, using the positive attributes of both sides to make humanity better.

Certainly these ladies, and all ladies, have the right to whore it up as they so please. But don’t diminish the struggle of those who came before us, and who are still beating the pavement with the message of equality. 


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