Apocalyptic Amish?

Sometimes I think it would be great to live like the Amish. I mean, what do they have to worry about besides crops and… I don’t know, whatever else it is they worry about. I’m just stereotyping here. (I refuse to base any of my ideas about the Amish off of that TLC show “Breaking Amish” because I’m certain that if the Amish knew that show existed, they’d be incredibly offended.)

Anyway, electricity. I’d miss it. I would miss hot showers because honestly, nothing heals the soul like standing under a waterfall of steaming H2O. I’d also miss using my iPhone, especially after this iOS 7 update. (I don’t care what the haters say, it’s fantastic.) I’d also miss binge viewing on Netflix (currently on a Breaking Bad spree. So. Good.)

And music. Would I ever miss music. Yes, I know music existed way before electricity did. But if George got sick of playing “Ode to Joy” on the fortepiano, everybody at the party just had to deal with it and sit in awkward silence until someone volunteered a read by the fireplace. But now? I can listen to John Mayer all day if I’d like, and that is an option I enjoy having. 

But you know, when the TV show “Revolution” (So. Good.) becomes a reality and we’re left with cars as flowers beds and attractive dictators, I’m sure I’ll find new things to love, like… conversation or gardening. I sure will miss showers though. Hopefully wherever I end up in post-apocalyptic America, there will be waterfalls. I need someway to clear my head after a long day of plowing.


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