Let’s Talk About Miley

I’d like to take a moment to address the human wreckage I witnessed on the VMA’s. 

Now, I understand that at no time has MTV claimed to be a place for stand up, classy entertainment. But Justin Timberlake performed (with his usual splendor) and it reinforced the idea that while pop music isn’t meant to be terribly meaningful, it can still be good entertainment. 

So can we just discuss the Robin Thicke/Miley Cyrus collab? Can we talk about how visually disturbing that was, not to mention soul crushing? To say Miley has gone off the deep end is actually ignoring a bigger problem. Miley has just stopped caring. Fame has destroyed her. (And come on Robin, come on. You are like, 36 years old. She’s 20. Don’t let her twerk on you. That’s just… that’s Hannah Montana man.) 

Billy Ray, were you there? Were you in the audience witnessing it? Did you hang your head, letting your wispy hair fall to cover your face? Did you shed a tear of regret for your parental negligence? Well it’s too late buddy. Because we’ve all seen what happens when celebrity and lack of boundaries collide, and it was just grinding all over a 36 year old wannabe R&B singer dressed as a referee. 


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